GlowBirds LED Makeup Mirror



1 Mirror 2 Mirrors 3 Mirrors 4 Mirrors

GlowBirds LED Makeup Mirror



1 Mirror 2 Mirrors 3 Mirrors 4 Mirrors

• Easy to Use. Has Both 10x and 1x Mirror.
• Beautiful LED Light on Both Sides.
• Multiple Light Settings and Temperatures.
• USB Rechargeable. One Charge Lasts a Week.

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GlowBirds Brite Packs a Ton Of Great Features Into Its Easy-to-Use Size.

Dual Lighted Sides With 10x and 1x Magnification

GlowBirds Brite LED Makeup Mirror is compact, easy to use, and has different magnifications on each lighted mirror side. This allows you to easily apply makeup without having to turn the mirror over.

Plus, it’s fully rechargeable, with the 600mA battery lasting a week on one charge.

This will become your favorite makeup mirror for both home and travel.

Three Different Light Temperatures For Easy Makeup Application.

GlowBirds Brite LED Makeup Mirror is not only lighted on both sides – each side has three different color temperatures plus a brightness slide. This allows you to recreate multiple lighting scenarios, such as daylight, the office, a dim restaurant… customize your look for wherever you are going!

No other makeup mirror is so versatile.

Look Your Best With the GlowBirds Family of Products

GlowBirds offers exceptional products that are affordable, and replace scores of individual skincare items. And our incredible GlowBirds Brite LED Makeup Mirror is the perfect accessory for your makeup routine.

Every part of the mirror, from the dual sides with 10x / 1x magnification to the adjustable LED lights, has been designed to enhance your beauty routine and make it easier. Can a mirror really make a difference? We think so, and once you try GlowBirds Brite, we know you’ll agree.

Customer Testimonials

Surpassing 250,000 Satisfied Customers

Carol C.

"Cutest and most useful mirror ever. I love the three different light colors."

Monica T.

"I bought this mainly for travel but honestly it’s better than my home mirror. I find I use it everyday."

Bernice F.

"This mirror is the perfect size it’s not too little or big and it’s really easy to use. I’m happy with it."

90 Day Guarantee
90 Day Guarantee

Backed by Our 30-Day Guarantee

It’s simple: you will love your new GlowBirds Serum, or we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Every Fitnus purchase comes with a full 30-day money-back guarantee.